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21-? A Guide to Hopscotch for the Underage

While we can all agree music should be for all ages to enjoy, some venues for Hopscotch are 21+ unfortunately. Historically Slim’s and Neptune’s were 21+, but I’ve got some great news to share with you!

If you look at the Hopsctoch website, it still says that Neptune’s is a 21+ venue, however if you go to Neptune’s event page, they are ALL AGES for Hopscotch!!!! Kudos to Neptune’s for opening up their venue to all ages to enjoy. 

Please be mindful that Slim’s unfortunately is still 21+ and are very strict about this policy. I attempted last year to get in to see Bully, and even explaining I was covering Hopscotch for WKNC did nothing for me. You don’t want to be a sad kid like me listening to Bully from right outside Slim’s, so I would suggest avoiding the venue. If you feel really strongly about a band though, always give it a try. I know many people have gotten in by some not-so-legal means, but I don’t in any way condone that!

There may be some venues where the bouncers just haven’t been informed of the age policy. Be adamant that you should be allowed into the venue if you’re the appropriate age. I experienced a bouncer at Tir Na Nog last year that thought the venue was 21+ even though it was 18+, and had to argue with him for quite a while before he finally let me in. Just don’t give up! They might be older and intimidating, but if you know you’re right, stand your ground.

Along with being young at Hopscotch, no matter who you are or what age, be mindful of safety in downtown Raleigh at night. Please don’t travel alone, in dark areas, or with people who don’t seem safe. Last year I thought I could go off on my own, and wound up being followed by some not so savory characters. Just be aware. I don’t condone underage drinking at Hopscotch either, but if it happens, be safe about that too. Don’t overdo yourself, make sure someone is your designated driver, and never go off alone. If you’re belligerent, you will get stopped by the Police! Just remember that your safety is important, but so is the safety of other people enjoying Hopscotch.

Have a happy time Hopscotching!

-Double Duchess