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Local Rap Spotlight: FKB$

North Carolina’s underground hip-hop scene is like any other underground scene: full of talent, but with clusters of artists who share similar styles. Think of it as a high school cafeteria. The backpackers hang out at their table, the trap rappers have their corner, and the edgy rappers float from table to table making friends and drawing inspiration from everyone. Then there’s the kid who just doesn’t give a damn. That kid who’s cool with being different and doesn’t want to fit into anyone’s style, but it works for them – so they’re not a loner – they’re just ‘them.’ Enter Joco’s FKB$, short for Frank Kastle bin Savage.


FKB$ is the type of rapper that can go bar for bar with the backpackers, spit some greasy lines with the trappers, and utilize trippy beats with the edgy crowd. He’s got a style all his own, which is gritty and rough, but pulled off effortlessly. Think, Wiki meets Schoolboy Q at a local punk show.


This versatility gives FKB$ the freedom to work with producers and rappers who utilize a wide array of styles, which is displayed adroitly on his 2015 album $aint Franci$. Frank Kastle lurks through the shadows of producer, The Gatekeeper’s, dark electro beats like a lyrical assassin on the track “San Fran,” then turns around and shows lyrical footwork alongside Raleigh’s Hazz, on rough boom bap production from An Urban Assault on “Hell’s Kitchen.”

$aint Franci$ by FKB$

FKB$ switches styles with ease, which is what makes him a notable member of the Triangle’s hip hop scene. Not only does his sound travel well on wax, but it can be integrated well into almost any rap lineup or multi-genre live show. The dude’s literally got something for everyone.

– DJ Iron Mic

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