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WKNC New Program Schedule

Surprise, surprise! We have hinted at a big change over the past few days on our Twitter and the reveal is finally here.

Starting tomorrow, Monday, August 15th, platforms on WKNC (Daytime indie rock, Afterhours electronic, Underground hip-hop and rap, and Chainsaw rock) will run from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is a pretty significant jump from their current air times of 8 PM to 5 AM. Afterhours electronic will gain an extra day of air time on Thursday evenings, which means our beloved Chainsaw rock will only run on Fridays. 

We decided to modify the program schedule after reading over the results of our WKNC Listener Survey that was conducted last year. The results showed an unwavering love for our Daytime indie rock, but also showed an increase of popularity for Underground and Afterhours. We have also noticed this rise in popularity elsewhere – more and more DJs want to DJ these platforms, but there was never enough room for them. The solution? Listen to our listeners! This change is for you.

Some sad news came with reading the Listener Survey results as well. Although Chainsaw has an extremely faithful fan base and has been a huge part of WKNC history, its popularity has decreased over the years. That is why we decided to cut back Chainsaw air time to only Friday evenings – the platform’s most popular night (shout out to Uncle Paul). We love our Chainsaw platform and value it as much as the others, but this made the most sense for our listeners.

Local Band Local Beer interviews will still happen every Thursday – Afterhours will just start right after. Specialty shows (Americana, Blues, & Co., Both Kinds Radio, Geet Bazaar, etc.) will continue running normally on the weekends, unaffected by the schedule change. We are also working towards incorporating specialty shows into week day programming! 

Bottom line: WKNC is a station that cares about more than just indie rock – but we need to prove it. The new program schedule is a great step towards giving the air time and attention that the other platforms deserve. In the end, it’s what our listeners want – and y’all are really the ones in charge.

We are very excited for this change and we are looking forward to your feedback and comments! Happy listening.