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Parking at Hopscotch! A daunting task.

If finding a decent place to park in downtown Raleigh scares you, the stress increases exponentially during large events such as Hopscotch. This guide is meant to help you find parking before setting out to explore the music festival.

Free Parking!!!!!!!!

Free parking is extremely hard to come by now that the City of Raleigh has eliminated free parking after 7pm and on weekends. However, these are a few spots that seem to still offer that deal.

Green Square Parking Deck, 120 W Edenton St, Raleigh, NC 27603, (919) 807-2408

Rates are $2 per hour, but after 5pm rates aren’t charged. The gates to this deck raise from the hours of 6:30pm-5am and are free to park in, no charge.

On-Street Metered Parking

If you’re lucky enough to get a parking spot right on the street, after 5pm it’s completely free. These spots are a little harder to get a hold of, however if you’re willing to walk a few blocks, try parking along Salisbury Street near the Raleigh Police Station. Even during events that area seems to have quite a few on street parking spots available. If you want to get a spot closer to all the action, consider coming in around 4:30pm and paying a mere $0.50 to park a little earlier. With your extra free time go grab a bite to eat!

Cheap Parking

Maybe you don’t get to the free parking in time, maybe you don’t mind spending a few $$$ just to avoid the stress of trying to find the nearly mythical free parking in downtown Raleigh. Here are some of the cheapest options we could find.

Salisbury Lot, 400 S Salisbury St

$3 per space; evening rate

City Market Parking Lot, 228 E Martin St, Raleigh , NC 27601

$5 Nightly and weekend rate, beginning at 5pm on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends.

Wild Cards

These are locations that I’ve personally used in the past without being charged. Keep in mind I used these after 7pm, and I’m unsure if they still offer free parking after 7pm or on weekends. Rates may also vary since this is a large event; the owners of the garages might decide to capitalize on the parking demand during Hopscotch. However, if they’re on your way into downtown, might as well check them out.

Red Hat Parking Garage

I’m not sure the name of this garage, but it’s attached to the Red Hat Tower. The entrance is right off of South Blount Street, just a little bit past East Davie Street. Historically I’ve parked here and never had to pay, but keep in mind the parking company that oversees it might charge a special event rate.

Moore Square Parking Deck

Conveniently located by Beasley’s, Chuck’s, Slim’s, and the bus station, this parking deck isn’t too far of a walk from the City Plaza stage either. I haven’t visited this deck since Raleigh got rid of free parking after hours. Last year I parked here the Thursday night of Hopscotch and didn’t get charged. 

If you can’t find these deals, most places charge $7 event parking. If you’re being asked to pay more than $7, head somewhere else! There’s plenty of places that don’t charge $10-$15. Good Luck and Happy Hopscotching!

-DJ Duchess