Concert Review

Kitten Forever with Royal Brats and Pie Face Girls

Since seeing Kitten Forever open for the legendary Jack off Jill at Asheville’s the Orange Peel, I had been eagerly awaiting the fem-punk Trio’s return to North Caroline and finally got my chance this past Sunday. The Minneapolis band consists of bass, vocals and drums, a very unconventional assortment which they make even more unique by rotating instruments every few songs and singing through a telephone shaped mic. The band brought vibrant energy to Ruby Deluxe, where not a head wasn’t bobbing along to their contagious pop infused riot punk sound.  

Opening for Kitten Forever was the ever so fitting local activist-punk act Pie Face Girls as well as Royal Brat who is currently touring with Kitten Forever. Each band brought the same high energy as well as messages of the struggle for equality, feminism, and taking a stand against injustices. The show all these bands put on definitely did not disappoint.

-DJ Whatsherface