Weekly Charts

WKNC 88.1 FM Loud Rock/ Chainsaw Charts 6/21/2016


1 NAILS You Will Never Be On Of Us- Nuclear Blast
2  FALLUJAH “The Void Alone” [Single]- Nuclear Blast
3 DARK FUNERAL Where Shadows Forever Reign- Century Media
4 AVATAR Feathers And Flesh- Entertainment One
5 SEAS OF WAKE Depth Of The Marrow- Sorrow
6 DISCHARGE End Of Days- Nuclear Blast
7 MUSHROOMHEAD The Righteous And The Butterfly- Megaforce
8 SYMPHONY X Iconoclast
9 DARKESTRAH Turan- Osmose
10 OVERKILL Ironbound- E1

Top 5 Adds

1 BE’LAKOR Vessels- Napalm
2 NUKE Nuke
3 LUCIFER’S HAMMER Beyond The Omens
4 CARNIFEX “Drown Me In Blood” [Single]
5 BLACK CROWN INITIATE “Selves We Cannot Forgive” [Single]