Festival Coverage

Moogfest: A Technological Obsession and the Music That Drives It

Written by DJ Michael Polzin

With festival season in full swing,
Moogfest – based in downtown Durham, NC – promises to be a treat for enthusiasts
of all sorts.  No matter if you’re a
synthesizer tech head, a visual art connoisseur, an aspiring musician, or just
an average Joe – there will be something amazing for everyone to experience at
Moogfest this year.  Let’s start with the

 Over the course of this four day
extravaganza, dozens of live performances and DJ sets will be hosted across
multiple venues in Durham.  This festival
is not strictly limited to electronic music though.  Hip Hop and Reggae have also found their way
into Moogfest this year, thanks to local artist Professor Toon (Double Barrel
Benefit headliner), Blazer Soundsystem, and other cross-genre
experimentalists.  Even though most
performances will depend on a DJ set in some way, live performing artists such
as Floating Points, Bicep, and ODESZA will bridge the gap between modern,
digitalized DJ software and the organic, creative human touch.  Many of these artists will be basking in the
limelight this weekend, but there is more to Moogfest than just big name

 Let’s not forget that Moogfest is an
annual tribute to the late and great Robert “Bob” Moog: sonic pioneer and
creator of the Moog synthesizer.  As a
result, many tech scientists and musical innovators will be sharing their ideas
with the world this weekend.  One event
on Saturday that seems particularly fascinating is titled “Sensory Percussion
and The Future of Drumming,” hosted by co-founder of the music tech start-up
Sunhouse, Tlacael Esparza.  This workshop
will exhibit Sunhouse’s “Sensory Percussion” project, which is a platform that
utilizes the acoustic control of digital sound.
There will also be lectures on the future of technology, build-your-own
synth classes, other showcases of musical inventions, and much more.

 Overall, Moogfest this year is
shaping up to be another honest tribute to Robert Moog, who understood that the
technology that creates music is just as important as the music itself.  As long as technology continues to grow and
musical innovators continue to innovate, Moogfest will further extend the
legacy and life work of the man who changed the world.