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Moogfest is an an art, technology and music festival taking place in Durham May 19-May 22.

This is the first year that Moogfest is happening in Durham. From 2010 until now, Moogfest has taken place in Asheville, N.C. Before that, New York City was the birthplace and home for Moogfest. For Durham to be the host city of Moogfest signifies its burgeoning arts and music scene.

Durham is locally known for being home to talented and musically diverse artists such as Sylvan Esso, The Mountain Goats, Bombadil, Xiu Xiu, and Professor Toon. Moogfest is a great opportunity for local artists to perform, and is a great addition to festivals such as Hopscotch (set in Raleigh) and Art of Cool (which took place May 6-8 in Durham) that are helping to promote the Triangle’s ever-growing arts and music culture.

Earthly and Professor Toon are two local artists that are performing in Moogfest (you can check the full lineup here). Earthly is an electronic music duo (brothers!) from Carrboro, N.C. Their sound is hard to deny dancing to, with claps and beats that are often hectic yet rhythmic. Their style is reminiscent of artists like Eric Copeland and Dan Deacon. To hear more of Earthly, check their Soundcloud.

Professor Toon is a hip-hop artist from Durham, NC who released his album Taking Notes this January. He performed at the second night of WKNC’s own Double Barrel Benefit 13 that took place this February at Cat’s Cradle. He has a unique style, with beats that often sound distorted. He has songs that are super hype such as “Professor (You Know it)” and songs that are more downtempo like “Who Gon (Stop Me)”. To listen to Taking Notes, go to his bandcamp.

Moogfest taking place in Durham will be a great way for locals and visitors alike to explore all of the venues, restaurants, and general goodness that Durham has to offer. To learn more about Moogfest, go to their website and keep checking our blog for more updates.

– Ryan Ezell, Afterhours Music Director