Festival Coverage

Shakori Hills: Top 5 Picks

Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance is a semi-annual grassroots festival held in Pittsboro, N.C. The festival features a variety of music from bluegrass to indie pop as well as dance workshops and crafts; something for everyone can be found there. Despite its cold and rainy start, Shakori has lots to offer. Here are DJ Whatsherface’s five bands you won’t want to miss:

#5 – Big Fat Gap
Looking for some good Authentic N.C. bluegrass tunes? Big Fat Gap consists of guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass. The lineup includes former members of Mipso and Mandolin Orange, making it a great band to check out.

#4 – Ellis Dyson and the Shambles
This band will undoubtedly have you dancing. Hailing from Chapel Hill, this folk band with an old time feel and jazz influences will rise your spirits and make you wish you knew how to swing dance.

#3 –

Rebekah Todd and the Odyssey

Rebekah Todd started her musical career as a solo folk/blues artist from the small NC town of Benson, and now plays in a five piece band. With raw folk instrumentals with a twinge of funk/jazz their unique sound is one to check out.

#2 – River Whyless
This indie folk band from Asheville will pull at your heart with emotional lyrics of self exploration and loss accompanied by beautiful vocal harmonies, strings and percussion.

#1 – Punch Brothers
This experimental bluegrass band from New York is definitely a festival favorite. Featuring mandolin, fiddle, banjo, bass, and guitar this band stands out from other bands with their unique sound incorporating classical and chamber music aspects into their songs.