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Phuzz Phest 2016 Review: Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees are classified as a garage rock band, but they incorporate other forms of rock such as psychedelic and post-rock. They hail from California, so it’s an honor to see them at Phuzz. Unlike many cookie-cutter rock bands, this one has two drummers who accent each other’s parts throughout their many head-banging songs. I actually didn’t realize this until the end when the crowd cleared, but it definitely makes sense with how they sounded. 

Bailey Park, an outdoor venue, housed this energetic bunch of musicians and their lo-fi singing. Perhaps my favorite part of the concert was three songs before they left the stage when the lead singer, John Dwyer, issued a disclaimer about their music. “There’s no toilet paper in the bathroom, so beware of this next one, dudes.” Following this statement, they played one of their shorter songs, but seamlessly transitioned into one of their longer one which took up the remaining 10 minutes they had on stage. As the minutes flew by, I thrashed my head and bounced around in the pit to the harpy-like singing and reverb guitar. I felt as though I had traveled to the Underworld and Thee Oh Sees were dragging me through the River Styx.