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SXSW Day Party Recap

Last month I had the pleasure of traveling to Austin, TX and attending a few day parties at South by South West!

SXSW day parties are a series of unofficial shows put on by various sponsors during the festival. These showcases are great for those like me who were unable to purchase a music pass as they are open to the general public and free to attend. (much like Hopscotch music festival’s day parties).

Every business in the city of Austin seemed to get into the swing of the Festival from venues like Spider house, pizza places like 100 Pizzitas even people’s homes become venues for the week.

Although I only attended three days and I should mention couldn’t go to every show I desired because of my age, (I’d say this festival is not the most under drinking age friendly) I was able to see good range of artists and fall in love with that southern city.

Here’s a photographic overview of a few places I went, and artists I saw.

Alex G. A WKNC favorite, this Low-fi band never disappoints live. Among many other places they played at outdoor venue Space 24Twenty which was sponsored by Urban Outfitters.

City of The Sun. Probably the most magical and unexpected performance I attended while in Austin. I had known the acoustic post rock band would be in Austin for the festival, but was bummed the only shows I could find were for pass holders only. To my surprise while walking into downtown I found them busking under a bridge. 

Kississippi. I had no idea what “Eden House” was when I got the address for the Funeral sounds/Broken world media sponsored show only to find myself in someone’s cleared out living room to see the heartfelt indy-pop band among other artists. 

Happy Abandon. Got a taste of back home seeing this Chapel Hill Indy band in Austin. Playing at 100 Pizzitas a pizza shop whose view of Downtown Austin’s skyline was as beautiful as their melodic sound.

Netherfriends. This solo project by Shawn Rosenblatt as he explicitly describes as “blues trap” undoubtedly wins the most unsettling performance I have seen.. ever. With a combination of rude humor, crude dancing, and technical difficulties although I had previously enjoyed his recordings its a wonder how he landed shows at SXSW. 

Mother Falcon. These Austin natives put on their own showcase, “All the friends ball” where they invited bands from the area and nationally which they’ve developed relations with to play a day show at Spider house Cafe a beautiful outdoor venue, bar and restaurant. Although their set was cut short because of time restrictions this 15 piece orchestral folk band blew me away. 

And the Kids. This upbeat indie-pop trio from Massachusetts played at And the Friends ball showcase at Spiderhouse Ballroom along with a deer they claimed to have “rescued.”

– DJ Whatsherface