Concert Preview

WolfTrax Music Group Presents: Night Vision EDM Party

Gather ‘round, everyone, for a sick night of EDM. By that of course, we mean Electronic Dance Music, not Elephants Doing the Moonwalk. We understand that those are easily confused, and would like to clarify that there will be no circus animals present at the event. We know, we were disappointed too. On the plus side, there will be some pretty awesome DJs, and admission is free. Not only are they great DJs, but they’re also local independent artists right here from NC State! What could be better than that? Well, obviously moonwalking elephants, but we don’t have those. 

The event will be held March 22nd in the Talley Coastal Ballroom on NC State’s main campus. Doors and show are at 8pm. Our artists include: 

Asteroid AfterParty (8pm – 8:25pm)
Mystec (8:25pm – 8:50pm)
Xtals (8:50pm – 9:15pm)
Deadzone (9:15pm – 10pm)

Come out and support your local artists! This event is the second of its kind. With its success, we anticipate many more in the future. 

Click here for more event info!

– Nick Weaver