Concert Review

1349 With Tombs at Local 506

Amidst the sea of metal fans, replete with denim and leather jackets, satanic imagery, and a variety of band t-shirts and patches for every metal band under the sun, I felt a little out of place clad in my turtle neck and sweater. I probably looked more like I was ready to attend a Neutral Milk Hotel tribute band set, if that’s even a thing (I hope it’s a thing). Nevertheless, I was excited for what was essentially my first true metal show. Sure I saw Deafheaven earlier this year, but I’m not sure that counts as they are on the most divisive bands within the metal community.

Unfortunately and regrettably, I had to show up late to the show due to classes, thus causing me to miss local openers Grohg and Bobby Orr, as well as the band I was arguably most excited to see, hardcore outfit Full of Hell. I arrived about 10 minutes into Tombs’ set, the thundering black metal outfit out of New York. The band hardly stopped to talk as they ripped straight through their unique blend of metal for about 45 minutes. Being a novice to the metal scene, I was somewhat surprised at the lack of crowd participation besides the front row of head bangers. The music was definitely heavy enough for the crowd pushing each other around, but nevertheless it was a very tight set that should impress any fan of the genre.

Up next, was the Norwegian black metal band 1349. The black metal bands did not disappoint in the black metal department, coming onto the stage with corpse paint and smoke machines. The band played an extremely fast, uncompromising set filled with exceptionally hard hitting double bass drums and grim, cold vocals from front man Ravn. This set, the crowd definitely upped the ante as a mosh pit was constant and quick. The band definitely showcased why they are one of the bigger Norwegian black metal bands as they played a very smooth set. Overall, it was a good show and I look forward to attending more metal shows in the near future.