Concert Preview

Preview: Museum Mouth with Kississippi, Superbody, and Body Games (Solo)

Kings Barcade – Saturday, January 16 at 9 pm

An incredible lineup is coming to Kings tonight!
Local faves Museum Mouth are headlining and are sure to bring the noise. One of my favorite aspects of the band is the instrumentation; Karl Kuehn plays drums and sings Museum Mouth’s emotive lyrics at a punk rock pace. Museum Mouth are getting ready for Double Barrel Benefit 13, then tour with Say Anything through April and May. They released a few new tracks late last year. I’m pumped to catch them for some of their last local shows this weekend and at DBB before they hit it big time. Speaking of Double Barrel (specifically, DBB alums), Dax Beaton from Body Games will be performing a solo set. This will be a unique set for anyone who’s seen Body Games before, since they usually perform with three members. We’ll have to see what Dax has in store, but if previous shows are any indication, it will be an awesome, danceable, and immersive audiovisual experience.

Linking these two seemingly disjoint acts will be Kississippi and Superbody. Described as popviolence, Philadelphia two-piece Kississippi plays impressively catchy rock grooves without overfilling their musical space. Paper Magazine named them in their list of Top Musicians Who Will Dominate 2016. This will be the second-to-last show of Kississippi’s winter tour, so they’re sure to impress. Superbody mixes nonsensical ideas (best exhibited in their video for “Call Me That”) with classic pop beats to create truly different but still addicting music. If you’re a fan of at least one of these artists, odds are you’ll be led to like the others through Kississippi’s and Superbody’s performances. I’m looking forward to learning more about electronic influences on music this weekend at the show. The lineup is great in that there is no obvious common thread through all four acts, but each artist fits into several genres and can be easily related to  one other.