DJ Highlights

Favorite Hopscotch Experiences

Dj Duchess here to tell you my favorite parts of Hopscotch Music Festival 2015.

As I’ve never been to Hopscotch, this was my first year, and I certainly didn’t know what to expect, or what I was going to see. Here were a few of my favorite bands that I saw, and some of the great experiences too.


My number one must-see artist was Mitski, and she did not disappoint. My fellow DJ and friend ncsu-guest was right beside me, front and center to enjoy the show. It was amazing to finally see her live, as we both used to listen almost everyday to her song First Love/Late Spring in our dorm room. 

Here’s our mom and ncsu-guest sharing a personal moment.

Then, two bands that I didn’t expect to see at Hopscotch were Advaeta and River Whyless. Initially I had planned on going to slim’s to see Wahyas and Bully, but when I realized the age restriction on the venue, I had the option to see the lovely Advaeta instead at Lincoln Theatre. I liked them so much that I acutally bought their album after the show. Check them out if you like Daddy Issues or Wahyas. 

River Whyless I actually got to interview live at Wristband city with DJ Curlz MT. They were really great people that had a wonderful sense of humor and presence. I was lucky to catch their show at Tir Na Nóg Saturday night. While I’ve never been a huge fan of folk, they certainly swayed me. They have a very professional presence when performing, that’s also very comical and fun. Before they began playing, fiddle player and singer, Halli, asked the crowd, “Anyone need to take a pee break?” Definitely check out this amazing band from Asheville. 

Also, while resting between sets at Tir Na Nóg on Thursday night, a nice woman by the name of Katie/Katey came up to me to have a “one hit conversation” which she described to be a time where we talk, get to know each other, and then never see each other again. That was one of my favorite moments at Hopscotch, getting to just sit down and chat about life with a complete stranger. So here’s a shout-out to Katie who works in Journalism. I think that experiences sums up what Hopscotch can really offer, and that’s meeting new people and gaining friends you never thought you’d meet, all while seeing some great bands.