Festival Coverage


Forget the music. Forget the bands. Forget everything Hopscotch is about, and let’s look at what really matters. 


That’s right, that’s all that matters this Hopscotching season. What the artists are wearing, what the audience is wearing, even what the sound technicians have going on. 

Let’s take a look at the different artists and their shoe of choice (or lack of) of Hopscotch 2015.

Lilac Shadows members sport a pair of dirty brown boots and some dad-core New Balances (all the rage in the indie-rock scene).

Mitski is caught with a pair of sleek black shoes, much like Puma brand but are highly unidentifiable. 

And the bassist from Leapling dazzles the crowd with her sparkling vans.

Jenny Hval chose a minimal look, opting for a simple pair of jazz shoes and other members went completely barefoot. 

A classic pair of white sneakers (keds or vans?) worn by Keath Mead.

River Whyless brought some of the Asheville mountains with them when three of their four members wore a variation of the hiking boot. 

And finally, a blurry horrible look at what I wore to Hopscotch. Some would say, “WHAT ARE THOSE??????” I’m very surprised I survived Hopscotch wearing these.

-DJ Duchess