New Album Review

Lonnie Walker Drops New Album Leading up to Future Islands’ 1000th Show

FINALLY! The album is called Earth Canals and the cover sports a vibrant quilted circular design, with pops of red, green and blue. With a 6-year gap between their first album and Earth Canals, the quality indicates that the wait was well worth it. Earth Canals takes you on a ride through some catchy, up-beat tunes like “Only Alright” and “Baby Man”, slows things down with achy, lyric-centered songs like “No Pure Light” and “Seasons”, and keeps things interesting with the instrumental, synth-y and eclectic “Heart and Soul”. The final song on the album shares a name with the album, and perfectly encompasses the album as a whole by coursing through all the styles already present before the final track in a way that feels natural. It is quickly evident how much effort went into the creation of Earth Canals; the live performances will absolutely impress. Be sure to catch Lonnie Walker play their next show at Carrboro Town Commons this coming Sunday on the 26th with headliner Future Islands!