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Carolina Grown: Eno Mountain Boys Interview

One of the comments I hear most about the North Carolina music scene is its ‘incestuous’ nature, how bands gradually begin to feed off of one another to shape the overall sound of our music scene. But every now and then you’ll find folks who are running against the grain and doing so with wonderful results. Eno Mountain Boys have crafted a unique blend of classic country, contemporary Americana and punk rock sentiments to make for an authentic, genuine and passionate musical experience.

Throughout the hour we spoke with Eno Mountain Boys on how this sound came to fruition, discussed their musical histories, and delved into the work behind their debut full-length studio album Deer Velvet. Plus we were also treated to two live tracks from the band that showcases their excellent harmonies, jangly vocal lines, and nostalgia-soaked, heartfelt lyricism.  

Listen here.