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Carolina Grown: Josh Moore Interview 

When it comes to unsung standouts of the local music scene, Josh Moore is the first that comes to mind. For years Moore has been quietly honing his craft, building up simplistic yet swelling songs that peer deep into the songwriter’s ethos. After several years of work with Jeff Crawford, Moore rallied up a crew of longtime collaborators like Ryan Gustafson, James Wallace and Mark Simonsen to complete work on Parted Ways, Moore’s debut solo album. Prior to the album’s release show, Josh Moore joined us on Carolina Grown to discuss his hardcore origins, the creative process behind his debut album, and what fans can expect down the road from Moore’s live shows.

Throughout the hour, Moore also performed several songs from the album live in-studio. Check out the full segment to hear a breakdown of Moore’s songwriting, tracks from Parted Ways, and stripped-down takes on “Broken Man” and “Parted Ways.”

Listen now.