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Carolina Grown: Body Games

For many years now the Triangle has boasted a brimming indie-rock scene, each city developing their own particular niches and evolving in various directions. However, it wasn’t until recently that the area found a penchant for electronic music, but now that the trend has begun it seems as if there’s limitless possibilities. Even our flourishing electronic scene now has begun to stem off, ranging from bro-step leaning weeklies to slow-brooding atmospheric beats. However, Carrboro’s Body Games finds themselves in a league of their own.

The pop-leaning electronic trio has raised the bar for local production expectations, incorporating live instrumentation and video projection in a way that the area has seldom seen before. Dax, Kate and Adam joined us in the studio last week for Carolina Grown in advance of the release of Local Love Vol. 1, their new covers EP, to provide a peek behind the curtain of their electronic wizardry.

Throughout the hour the band discussed the motivation behind their local covers EP, the songwriting process, all of the work that goes into their visual projections, and shared a ridiculously hilarious freestyle song. Tune in to the full segment to hear covers of Museum Mouth, Weller and Rogue Band of Youth along with some revelatory discussion on their live performances.

Listen here.