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Wild Fur Interview

The North Carolina music scene is an ever-changing beast. Following a natural ebb and flow, we find bands continually dissipate and form anew, boasting a revamped sound and a Frankenstein-ed lineup of local favorites. Such is the case with many of our favorite locals, but every now and then we find acts that stay true to their roots while naturally blossoming into unique, uncharted sonic territory. So goes the story of Wild Fur.

Many folks may be familiar with Wylie Hunter and Nick Jaeger from the plethora of projects they’ve both been involved with like Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores, Roman Candle, Max Indian, and the list goes on. One wouldn’t reasonably expect a new project from these two roots driven artists to sound the way Wild Fur does, a swirling mixture of synths, guitars, drum samples and smooth vocals that’s as rooted in Americana as it is electronic pop. However, Hunter and Jaeger aren’t satisfied with complacency, and that shows in their recent conversation on Carolina Grown.

Prior to their show on Jan. 23 at Local 506 with Floating Action and Dad & Dad, the founding members of Wild Fur joined us in the studio to discuss the band’s origins, songwriting techniques and news on when fans can expect to hear their heavily anticipated full-length. Check out our full conversation below along with the premiere of “Get Up & Go” the newest single from their forthcoming full length.

Hear the interview with Wild Fur.