Concert Review

Naked Naps | Museum Mouth | Astro Cowboy Show

So last Saturday I went out to Kings to see Astro Cowboy, Museum Mouth, and Naked Naps. In short; it was awesome. This was the first time that I had seen Astro Cowboy since they added a bassist to the lineup and the difference was amazing. Their sound was well rounded, their playing was tight, and their cover of “Tonight” was … smashing.

Next Museum Mouth sauntered onto stage. Their performance made me even more excited for when they play Double Barrel Benefit on February 14th at Cat’s Cradle, and I didn’t think that was even possible. The band’s front man Karl Kuehn gave a quick shout out to the Lounge before launching into a raucous rendition of “Crocodile”.

There was also much talk of a Museum Mouth/Naked Naps split to be released soon.  When Naked Naps took to the stage excitement in the crowd was high. They played all of their songs –all of them! This made the requests being shouted out unnecessary, but still fun to do. It was defiantly not “like and awkward first date” like the band said one review had claimed them to be.

So yeah I guess all in all my Saturday  was pretty good.