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DBB12 Artist Profile: Museum Mouth


Museum Mouth

Coming straight from the coast of North Carolina, Museum Mouth formed back in 2009 in a town called Southport where they still continue to create the heartfelt punk music that so many listeners can really connect with. The group received its first big recognition back in 2012 when mtvU picked up the title track of their album released that year titled “Sexy But Not Happy.” Since the release of SBNH, Museum Mouth has truly grown as a band in the sense of the material they have produced and fan base that they have gathered.

In May 2014, Museum Mouth put out their next full length album entitled “Alex I am Nothing” that contained more insight into the thoughts of drummer and lead vocalist Karl Kuehn. Following this release, Museum Mouth received an outpouring of support that has made them one of the most liked and supported bands in North Carolina today.

Museum Mouth is no stranger to WKNC, but they will be playing their first ever Double Barrel Benefit on night two at Cat’s Cradle on Feb. 14. Being a band that puts so much emotion into their music, seeing them on Valentine’s Day will be an absolute necessity.

– Clint Bowman, WKNC Local Music Director