Latest Local Music!

Man it’s a great time to be living in the 919 and just in North Carolina in general. After catching up from the summertime transitions, I have come to find many local jewels in the muddy mess that is the beginning of the year. There is a TON of great local NC music! Check out WKNC’s most recent local adds below, share them with a friend, or play them all for your family. So go get that mason jar full of Cheerwine and fill your brains with the latest in local NC music!

David Childers “Serpents of Reformation” (This guy will be at our FOTL on 9/19, spread the word & bring your friends because he is literally one of the most influential songwriters from the state!)

Being such a great songwriter, Childers does not let up any of those talents in this latest album. Although Childers can be a little religious with some of his music, it is clear in “Serpents of Reformation” that David is looking to branch out and appeal to a wider audience. Experimenting with his traditional folk sound a little bit, David Childers has deep roots to NC that will just never fade away…There is a reason the Avett Brothers ALWAYS cover his songs.

Museum Mouth “Alex I am Nothing”

This album has been played frequently over our airwaves the past few weeks and that is because it is awesome, beautiful, and emotional in all the best ways possible. Museum Mouth gets in your face with their fuzzy punk feel, combining very honest and heartfelt lyrics that make you want to scream (possibly cry) along with them.

Circuit Frost “Keepers From 2014”

Hailing out of our very own Raleigh, NC, Circuit Frost seems to have a lot of potential with their smooth indie melodies. With not a whole lot of material out yet, this band is definitely one to keep on your radars. 

Hiss Golden Messenger “Lateness of Dancers" 

This is the fifth album by the local talent M.C. Taylor. Recorded in a tin roof, the songs of this album seem to smoothly flow easily into one another, and capture the peaceful setting that it was recorded in. Taylor harmonizes perfectly with Alexandra Sauser-Monnig (Mountain Man) on a lot of the songs in the album which just makes it just that much better. If you missed out on his latest performance at the Cat’s Cradle then I feel bad for ya son.

Old Hours "Even in the Sun”

This is a wonderful indie folk group from Durham, NC. Old Hours creates music that is very soothing, but still full of shouts and some electric guitars. The band is made up of duo Anna Carlson & Nathaniel Walberer who are able to harmonize perfectly to put your mind racing through the trees and clouds above.

So those are some of the highlights folks! I hope you enjoy them and can spread the knowledge to your beautiful friends of the Triangle or to those far beyond the Triangle. Help us show the world the overflowing amount of musical talent that North Carolina has to offer!