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WKNC Hopscotch Interview: What Cheer? Brigade


This Providence, Rhode Island band put on a Hopscotch show like no other. When you see a “punk band that doesn’t have to plug in” you know you’re in for something new and exciting. This 19 piece band consisting of brass and percussion instruments brought an obscene amount of energy to Kings Barcade for the very last performance of Hopscotch 2014. Never before have I seen a band perform on the dance floor and the audience dancing on the stage. Instead of taking a bow, the band marched down the stairs of Kings and out onto the streets of downtown. What Cheer? Brigade was not only one of the coolest shows I saw at Hopscotch 2014, but one of the best shows I’ve seen ever! Check out the podcast below if you’re interested in learning more about this high energy group.

 What Cheer? Brigade interview