Festival Coverage

The Hopscotch Twittersphere

The time is now, and the place is Raleigh, North Carolina. Hopscotch is upon us, and even at this time it doesn’t quite feel real.

So what have you done to prepare? Have you printed out the PDF of the schedule? Have you scribbled your personal itinerary on it? Have you made sense of the vast incomprehensible network of day parties? Did you remember that you aren’t allowed to have backpacks in City Plaza?

All of those hints will get you somewhere, but you’re going to be completely lost if you aren’t following the right Twitter accounts.

Keeping on your Twitter game can make or break your Hopscotch experience. If there’s rain, it will keep you up to date on whether or not outdoor shows are getting delayed. If an act cancels at the last minute, you’ll know about the replacement before anybody. If Danny Brown is taking selfies with fans at the Sheraton bar (true story), you’ll be prepared to fill your phone with some jpegs you’ll never forget.

So let us guide you through a small taste of the accounts to follow, to bring order to the chaos of Hopscotch.

@hopscotchfest – Obviously. The Hopscotch social media has been on point this year, teasing the acts to come and keeping a steady flow of content. Get this account on your timeline for news straight from the source.

@WKNC881 – Obviously we’re going to be covering the festival from every corner we can work our way to. We’ve got numerous, hardworking tweeters posting pics of the best day parties and 

@NewRaleigh – Frequently updated and always informative, NewRaleigh is an excellent resource during Hopscotch. They’ve even been a guest on Carolina Grown in the past! Follow them to keep an eye out for Hopscotch news as it develops.

@currincy – One of the original brains responsible for Hopscotch. While he may be from this particular line of work, he’s probably going to be making lots of jokes. You don’t want to miss these jokes.

@Raleighbathroom – This account brings you the highest quality reviews of Raleigh bathrooms you can find anywhere on the internet. While that may be reason enough, the mysterious minds behind this account have gone all-out for Hopscotch in the past. They let you know which venues you want to take your pit stops at, as well as the ones where you may want to just hold it for a while. Accounts like these are the reason we should be thankful to live in the year 2014.

@Hopscotchpartyz – Probably the most fascinating of them all, Hopscotch Partyzzz is an enigma. The mysterious account appears to be no one, but makes fun of everyone. Their ruthless campaign to make jokes is about to kick into high gear once Hopscotch is full underway, and you probably don’t want to miss it.

This is clearly a tiny taste, but the multimedia climate we inhabit is in a constant state of flux and we must be aware. In other words, never stop keeping an eye out for the good tweets in unexpected places. You might be able to catch wind of a Merzbow day party in someone’s basement, or something like that.