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Artist Profile: The Nervous Ticks (RVA)

The Nervous Ticks are one of the most inventive rock n’ roll bands you’ll find on this coast of the United States. Hailing from Richmond Virginia the three piece consists of guitarist and songwriter Chaz Tick, washtub drummer Kyle Flannagan and backup vocalist/mean maracas/bleep blooping keyboardist Liza Jane. 

Originally the bedroom tape project of Chaz the three have created a live band so energetic its frightening–in the best way possible. After growing up in Virginia I had heard about the band a fair amount, seeing the name pop up on social media and fliers occasionally, but had never seen the band until their killer set at last year’s Phuzz Phest (the one of two that wasn’t in the middle of a skate park). 

With the ever increasing popularity of the very fluid enigma that is “garage rock” due to quality record labels such as Burger Records and now well known artists such as Ty Segall it can feel like you’ve heard all the variation possible within the limits of the genre. The Nervous Ticks don’t conform to a formulaic approach, unusual rhythm tones and changes as well as interesting keyboard additions make for captivating tunes. Highly recommended. 

Catch the Nervous Ticks at 11:00 p.m. at the Hive on Friday. 

–Virginia Werewoolf