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WKNC’s Hopscotch Schedule

You said you would listen to every band playing Hopscotch back in April when the lineup was released, but now the festival is a week away and you still have no idea what shows you’re hitting up. Not to worry though, WKNC has you covered!

Download our color coded schedule and key to determine what shows best suit your music taste. Although the bands are organized by genre, the key is designed to help you explore a wider range of music. An important part of Hopscotch is branching out from your typical music taste and discovering new artists that you may not have thought you would enjoy.

Each genre of music playing the festival (Electronic, Hip Hop, Experimental, Punk/Garage, Folk/Alt-Country, Metal, Indie/Rock) is divided up into two subgenres in our schedule, with three songs each that represent their overall style of music. Read the short description and listen to the three songs to determine if you would enjoy seeing shows from that specific list. We encourage you not to skip out on any of the genres you typically glance over because Hopscotch is known for drawing in the best of the best underground music. Once you’ve sampled them all, print out the schedule and start planning your route. 

Good luck!

WKNC Hopscotch Schedule

WKNC Hopscotch Key