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Skylar Gudasz is arguably one of the Triangle’s most overlooked songwriters. Whether she’s churning out haunting folk rock with Spooky Woods, catchy hooks with Skylar Gudasz & The Ugly Girls, or most recently crooning somber songs of love with her solo project, you’ll always find yourself fixated on Gudasz’ enchanting voice. But one of the reasons she’s so overlooked may be due to the fact that she’s just so damn busy that it’s hard to focus on any single project.

Lately Gudasz has been touring along with a wide array of musicians in support of Big Star tribute shows, where she performs some of the iconic act’s most influential tracks with some of the band’s original members. A few weeks ago Gudasz joined Grant Golden in the studio for Carolina Grown in advance of the Big Star tribute that took place at Cat’s Cradle. Speaking of how she came to love the legendary indie act, what brought her into this group of highly esteemed musicians, and what we can expect from her solo endeavors, Skylar filled the hour with engaging conversation and a breathtaking performance of Neil Young’s “Needle and the Damage Done.” Listen to her full conversation and in-studio performance.