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Artist Profile: Wild Fur

To start with the basics, Wild Fur is made up of duo Nick Jaegar (past member of Luego, The Tomahawks, Schooner, and Roman Candle)  and Wylie Hunter (past member of the Cazadores) from Durham, North Carolina. However, on live shows Nick and Wylie are joined by drummer Brad Porter (Some Army, Wichita Falls) and bassist Casey Toll (Mount Moriah). Digging a little deeper into the sound that Wild Fur produces, the best way to describe it is being infectiously dreamy with numerous emotion stirring rhythms. The first time I saw Wild Fur live was actually at WKNC’s Local Band Local Beer on August 14th at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub in Downtown Raleigh. It was at this performance that I truly realized Wild Fur’s ability to make the audience hang on to every word in their songs. There is some sort of connectivity between Wild Fur and their audience that is incomparable to any other band-audience relationship. Perhaps it is their lyrics that hit home with lines like “Carolina its been getting stranger as I find myself stuck in place,” or it’s their echoing vocals that seem to blend together in perfect harmonies that leave the audience begging for more.

With lots of experience under their belts, Jaegar and Hunter know what they are doing and are setting out to show everyone their utmost capabilities as musicians and performers. The overflowing talent of Wild Fur will undoubtedly reach far beyond Durham, and it is going to be really nice to say that I saw Wild Fur take the stage first on Thursday night at Lincoln Theater for the 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival. That being said, Wild Fur goes on at 8:30 PM on Thursday night at the Lincoln Theater, being the first act to open for the final act of that evening–The War on Drugs.