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Old Crow Medicine Show along with special guests, Shovels & Rope, will be coming to the Red Hat Amphitheatre on August 20th. WKNC will be giving away tickets for the show until Tuesday, August 19th. All you have to do is be the correct caller when the DJ asks for it and you could win yourself a night of great music. So don’t miss this golden opportunity! All of your friends will think you are so cool once you tell them you won free tickets from WKNC. That girl/guy will be highly impressed by your resourcefulness and finally agree to go out on a date with you. Basically, these tickets will change your life.

Old Crow Medicine Show is a bluegrass/americana band from Harrisonburg Virginia. They were discovered by bluegrass legend Doc Watson while the band was performing out on the streets of Boone, North Carolina. The band brings a classic, folk rock sound to the table that warms your heart and makes ya’ feel rightcha at home in ol’e North Caka-Laka. Old Crow Medicine Show makes me think of what southern country music should sound like. Plenty of harmonica solos, lots of banjo pickin’, a big upright bass, and overall great tunes. Even if you don’t like americana music, it’s hard not to like Old Crow Medicine Show’s sound. And with songs like “Down Home Girl” and “Caroline” you can’t help but admire the musical talent behind the music. But you know what they say, “Americana sound’s best when heard live”. I think that’s an ancient chinese proverb. Maybe not. But who knows, right? What is for certain is that you won’t regret a night with Old Crow Medicine Show!

(P.S. If you’ve gone to any NC State sponsored/related event you’ve probably heard Old Crow Medicine Show’s song Wagon Wheel “heeeeeeeeey mama rock me”)

Shovels & Rope is an Americana duo from Charleston, South Carolina. Their music is filled with mellifluous vocal harmonies, palpitating drums, and dulcet acoustic guitars. A little less bluegrass than Old Crow Medicine Show but still an excellent example of southern americana rock. Check out their song Birmingham to hear a great example of my (fancily worded) description for the band.

So be on the listen for DJs giving away these tickets all week!

Good luck!