Concert Review

[Dr.] Dog kills [at] Cats!!!!

Whoever does not listen to Dr. Dog is missing out.  Dr. Dog’s folky, bluesy grooves speak to everyone.  Most people found Dr. Dog after their release of Fate in 2008, but they’re still continuing to astonish people with their relaxing nostalgic melodies, beautiful harmonies, and killer blues ballads.  

My evening began with the astonishment of the band The Districts.  Also from PA, this band killed with their indie rock.  Then, after a few more PBR’s, I dove into the depths of the crowd to find a comfortable spot to groove.  And did I groove… Dr. Dog’s silly outfits, their duel frontmen, and their ability to completely change their songs kept everyone in a emotional trance.  They played many songs off Be the Void, but my favorite song they played was “Shadow People”, off Shame Shame.

Their latest album B-Room holds some amazing tunes despite not quite living up to their previous album Be the Void.  I struggle when I try to answer “Who is your favorite band?” But by Golly Gee Wilikers, I just can’t help saying Dr. Dog is my favorite indie rock band of all time!!

Or at least in my top 3.