New Album Review

My Awaking to Tycho

My top three biggest regrets this last semester:

  1. Not brushing my teeth.
  2. Dropping out of school.
  3. Skipping the Tycho show at Cat’s Cradle.  

WHY DID I NOT GO TO THIS SHOW!!!  But seriously, Tycho’s last album “Awake” is probably the most inspiring album this year.

Going for a long drive? Listen to “Awake.” Studying? Listen to “Awake.” Crab fishing in Alaska and rough seas got you sea sick? Listen to “Awake." Most electo- trance -(poppy) music like this will be amazing all the time, but what makes the album beautiful is the distinction between all the songs.  Each one has a certain mood affiliated with it.

Please download this album as you swim through the introspective heat waves of the summer.

– Coyote