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Moogfest Artist Spotlight: RiFF RAFF

Moogfest Artist Spotlight: RiFF RAFF

What is it about Horst Christian Simco that makes the public so drawn to him? 

Is it his love of branding? His innovative non-capitalization of the letter i? Perhaps its his rich history with the Greensboro police department? Or maybe it’s just because he committed a soft form of animal abuse by dying his husky blue while simply declaring “RAP GAME BLUES CLUES.”

Whatever it is about Simco (aka RiFF RaFF, aka MTV RiFF RaFF, aka JODi HiGHROLLER) that launched him to public figure status, he is an undeniably an entertainer (of sorts). 

The now pop-culture icon had humble beginnings as a reality TV star. Simco had made attempts to appear on P. Diddy’s “Making the Band,” to no avail but eventually earned a short-lived spot on MTV’s “From G’s to Gents,” which in turn convinced the young rapper to reserve an everlasting spot on his neck to MTV. (See “love of branding” image in the first paragraph)

JODi’s musical style ranges from characteristically over produced early 2000’s rap to sloppy school yard free style. With odd meter and minimalist refrains sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not the man is playing some kind of big trick on America–Especially with so many tongue and check artists out there now a days (ie LIL B). 

Ultimately it matters not the source of Raff’s uniqueness—it’s got to be somewhat genuine to dedicate that much ink. HiGHROLLER’s performance in Asheville is something I am personally greatly looking forward too and will without a doubt be a great ole Versace time.