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Pre-Phuzz Artist Highlight: The Sweets

Phuzz Phest is a stellar festival for not only seeing North Carolina artists, but also getting a taste for the local Winston-Salem music scene. With attendees coming from all around the area and the state, Phuzz Phest is a great opportunity for some of these bands to perform.

The Sweets, a four-piece local group, are one of those bands with such an opportunity. Their blend of lo-fi psychedelic garage pop has been a real pleasure to listen to so far online, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their live act holds up.

The Sweets were formed in December of 2012 by Zach and Justin, two brothers from the home of Phuzz Phest, Winston-Salem. With the aid of two more members, Danner and another Justin, they’ve released a few EPs and a couple of split cassettes, and are currently working on releasing their first 7” record on their label, Bleeding Gold Records.

The Sweets will be performing at Krankie’s at 7PM on Sunday, April 6th.