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Pre-Phuzz Artist Highlight: Diarrhea Planet

I’ve told a lot of people about Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet. Most people shudder at the name, assuming they’re a shock-value powerviolence band. Others simply don’t want to pay any mind to a band not willing to take themselves seriously.

Take a chance on them, however, and you’ll find an act that takes their live show very seriously. The six-piece brings a kind of energy like no other, creating a sound and spirit frequently likened to Andrew W.K. if he was a bit sloppier. These guys have shared bills with the likes of Titus Andronicus and played Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival. They have an uncanny ability to unite a crowd in drunken unison in their anthemic hit “Ghost with a Boner.” They also have four guitarists.

Diarrhea Planet headline The Garage Sunday night at 11:40. You’re probably going to want to read up on some lyrics if you’re going to sing along, though.