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Pre-Phuzz Artist Highlight: The Tills

“Yeah, we love strokin’ it.”

After coming up to the band after their set at King’s Barcade for Zack Mexico’s Album Release Show to tell them I really liked the song with the upstroke part, that’s the comment I received. Essentially, this band is a bunch of bastards that make some great, sunny 60’s tunes.

What sets them apart from the pack is their ability to execute. Lead singer Harry Harrison has an impeccable belt and this real loose way of strumming chords (probably due to all that masturbation) that pairs well with lead guitarist’ Jesse Meyers deliberate style. Tom and Josh keep the feeling loose but the groove tight on the rhythm side of things. I saw The Tills again at Nice Price Books with Jenny Besetzt, and even though that band now has a machine of a drummer (the dude from The Bronzed Chorus), I remember thinking they held their own when it came to drummer awesomeness.

If you like Harlem, or the amazing new Harlem-derivative Las Rosas, this band will be very appealing. Catch ‘em 9pm Friday at Krankies Coffee during Phuzz Phest.