Concert Review

Show Review: Dum Dum Girls at Kings Barcade 3.21.14

Playing for a sold out show, Blouse opened up vibrantly with an array of psychedelic projections, intense bass, loud drums, and a dreamy voice brought by the beautiful Charlie Hilton.  After a terrific opener, the stage was lit with an electrifying blue stemming from the neon-lit heart behind the stage.  The Dum Dum girls appeared on stage to fulfill their audience’s expectations.  The performance was perfect leaving little time for conversation and more time for songs.  Most of the concert came from their new album, Too True, where songs such as “Rimbaud Eyes,” “Are You Okay?,” “Too True To Be Good,” and “Evil Blooms” were played.  Their most popular song, “Lost Boys and Girls Club,” was not played before they left the stage… only to be performed in their encore. Brilliant show.  

–DJ Z and DJ B