All Hail The Mighty Arcade!

For centuries, man has partaken in the art of gaming. The Romans dueled each other in brawling games of Tic-Tac-Toe, overthrew queens in Chess, and became dizzy over the red and black squares of Checkers. Most importantly, they marveled at the vicious fighting spectacles in the blood splattered walls of the Coliseum. 

As WKNC staff members, we envied the ancient Romans and their entertainment. But now, WKNC staff, guests, friends, we can all rejoice in jubilation for the arcade machine has been rightfully restored to it’s fully functional capacity. The glorious sounds of Tetris blocks falling into place, Ash capturing Pikachu in his Pokeball, and Karts slipping from the dreadful slime of banana carcasses on the treacherous courses of MarioKart will fill the halls of North Carolina State University’s raucous music laboratory.