Band/Artist Profile

Double Barrel Benefit 11 // Bombadil

Bombadil are an eclectic chamber folk-pop band out of Durham, North Carolina. Their name is derived from the J.R.R. Tolkien character Tom Bombadil from the Lord of the Rings. Tom Bombadil is a witty, peculiar character who speaks and sings in playful rhymes. The name “Bombadil” encompasses the quartet perfectly as they deliver their sophisticated pop feel of a bygone era in their eccentric suits.

The band began back in 2006 when the head of Ramseur Records stumbled upon a few demos and immediately signed them. Since then they have released an EP and four incredible full-length studio albums. Bombadil have been WKNC favorites since their very first release. With each subsequent release, Bombadil have found new ways to expand and develop their sound. Each member of the band is a multi-instrumentalist in addition to being a vocalist and songwriter. Each song is testament to each member’s ability to craft truly brilliant pop songs.

After a brief hiatus a couple years back, it is safe to say that Bombadil are back and better than ever. Their most recent effort, Metrics of Affection, earned them a spot as our Local Artist of the Month back in July. This year, we could not be more excited to have one of our long-time favorites on stage for Double Barrel at last.

-Michael D’Argenio, Program Manager