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Ghostt Bllonde in the Lounge

GHOSTT BLLONDE are a new Raleigh band who have erupted onto the scene.  After playing their house and many other houses over the past year, they have now started headlining shows at some of the area’s bigger venues.  We are really excited to have GHOSTT BLLONDE open up night 1 of Double Barrel 11 at Cat’s Cradle on Friday, February 7th with their infectious brand of “a 50’s rumble of trash-can-pop.”

GHOSTT BLLONDE came in to kick off our DBB11 Lounge Sessions as our first ever full-band in the Lounge.  Even in the cramped space, they sounded incredible.  They recently signed to Negative Fun records and debuted the song “Curls” off their forthcoming EP for us in The Lounge.  Check out the song above and be sure to come out to see them at DBB11!!!