New Album Review

New Daytime Music

The Moth & The Flame // “&”
((electro pop))
Just a fantastic balance between the dark and languid and the aggressive and driving. Intelligent rhythms and great vocals set this release apart.
The Ian Fays // "The Most Spectacular Party"
((indie pop))
I don’t usually go for the quaint cutesy stuff, but The Ian Fays’ whimsy is rooted in a strong sense of sincerity. Their twin harmonies and minimal accompaniment make their sound completely original.

Males // “Males Males Males”
((garage pop))
Top notch hooks with that oh so beloved bratty garage aesthetic all the kids are clamoring for these days.

Sebastian Grainger // "Yours to Discover"
((electro pop))
Ex-member of Death From Above 1979 does not sound much at all like his old band. Some decent hooks in here, but it ultimately sounds like he’s trying too hard.

Static Jacks // “In Blue”
((power pop))
For anyone who just can’t get enough of Weezer.

Cut Copy // “Free Your Mind”
((indie electronic))
Not too many groups are brave enough to tackle the rhythms of acid house like Cut Copy.