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Carolina Grown Preview: Nov. 29

Just because we’re not on campus doesn’t mean the show won’t go on! For the last Carolina Grown of November, I’ll have the first hour entirely dedicated to the North Carolina Music Love Army, a group that’s comprised of some of the state’s finest musicians joining hands to create a unified voice of protest against our state’s current administrative decisions. Co-founders Caitlin Cary (of Whiskeytown) and Jon Lindsay are joined by Skylar Gudasz to discuss the founding of this coalition of well-known local musicians and what they hope to achieve with their recently released album. The second hour will of course be filled with local tunes!

This summer as the Moral Monday protests were coming to a head, Cary and Lindsay joined together and formed the NC Music Love Army after being motivated by Django Haskin’s (of The Old Ceremony) gripping protest song “We Are Not For Sale.” Though the months have passed and Moral Mondays fizzled out a bit, the NC Music Love Army is still going strong. On Saturday, Nov. 30 they’ll celebrate the release of their album We Are Not For Sale at the Cat’s Cradle, a show in which some of the state’s most revered musicians will come together to celebrate their songs of protest.

The album is broken up into two parts, the first 5 tracks (or Side A) are comprised of songs that the Army recorded together in-studio, while Side B (which they “fondly” refer to as the “guerrilla side”) features contributions from artists like Hiss Golden Messenger and Shirlette Ammons. Caitlin, Jon and Skylar joined me to discuss a bit about the reception that they’ve received from the project thus far, the logistics of organizing such a large-scaled project and their history with protest songs.

Tune in on Friday at 5:00 to hear our full conversation along with an in-studio performance of a Love Army track that’s not featured on the album called, “Dear Mr. McCrory.”