One of the joys of being able to host a weekly music talk show is when I get to have an experience like I did with the burgeoning acoustic trio of Mipso.

When Mipso joined me in the studio they were preparing for their album release show at Haw River Ballroom, a momentous occasion that combines one of the state’s swiftest rising acts with arguably the finest venue in the area. When Joseph, Wood and Jacob joined me to chat about Dark Holler Pop, their sophomore full-length album that was released in late October, the conversation was free-flowing an all-encompassing. Ranging from the differences in life as a full-time student versus a full-time musician to their tour of Asia and their thoughts on the bluegrass uprising, I had a blast chatting with these immensely talented musicians. To top it all off they performed a few tracks in-studio from Dark Holler Pop, giving an intimate portrayal of the band’s calm but robust sound. Croons and hollers line the tracks of Dark Holler Pop, and as they performed these songs in-studio they held nothing back.

If you’re looking for an immersive conversation that delves into the formation and future of this stellar North Carolina act, then look no further than this Carolina Grown session. Though we’re rather early into this show, I must say that this has by far been my segment, so see what you missed or relive the experience below!