Toon & The Real Laww

The second week of Carolina Grown was an absurd amount of fun to record, even if there was only one guest on for the show. I was joined in-studio by Professor Toon and The Real Laww of the fantastic hip-hop duo Toon & The Real Laww.

We delve into some of the duo’s first interactions with hip-hop, the planning that goes into their ridiculously energetic live shows, and their process behind writing and producing their own tracks. I’ve been addicted to hip-hop since my adolescent self stumbled upon OutKast, Eminem and Busta Rhymes, but even I had no idea about how deep some of hip-hop’s roots extend to North Carolina’s music scene. There’s a lot more than Petey Pablo raising and Little Brother’s total domination of the scene. Check out the full 45 minute interview below and learn a bit about North Carolina’s hip-hop community and some of the past and future endeavors that are in store for Toon & The Real Laww.