Concert Preview

Carolina Grown Preview: Oct. 11

For the second week of Carolina Grown we’ll be highlighting one of the most promising acts in the state’s hip-hop scene. Toon & The Real Laww, a hip-hop duo from Durham, will be on the air for the first hour promoting their EP Release Show at Kings Barcade on Oct. 11. The two recently released a Double EP entitled You Know The Name/End The Beginning that features tracks from Toon and The Real Laww respectively. Though the two are billed as a duo, they thrive in their own aural niches. The two create their own beats (mostly), and have carved out their own separate hubs that are capable of stand alone excellence, but together they mesh brilliantly and seamlessly.

Toon & The Real Laww is comprised of Professor Toon and The Real Laww, two rappers that vary in approach but convey similar thematic properties in their music. While Toon & The Real Laww are capable of busting out some impressive lyrical wordplay, delivering witty punchlines with pinpoint precision, the true focal point of these MCs is the personality on display. Toon delves deep into his motivation for making it in the rap game and his humble, albeit sometimes chaotic beginnings. Laww’s military background is an ever-looming presence on his raps, his production style lays a booming foundation for his powerful vocal presence and makes for a powerful listening experience. The two may not always collaborate on their tracks, but when they do the chemistry is palpable and beckons the listener to foray deeper into their psyches. Toon & The Real Laww perform at Kings on Oct. 11 along with Cesar Commanche, SkyBlew and Cosmo.

The second hour will be filled with a wide variety of new and old local music from the WKNC library. Though I’ll be off at Shakori Hills soaking in the grassroots goodness, I’ll be leaving you in good musical hands.