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In With The New–Carolina Grown Makes Its Debut

Beginning on Oct. 4, WKNC will be debuting a brand new local music talk show known as Carolina Grown. With the unfortunate departure of longtime DJ and host of The Local Beat, Adam Kincaid, now comes the time to expand on new horizons. Carolina Grown will follow a similar format, but will bring a fresh new spin to the local music scene.

Every Friday from 5:00-7:00 pm Carolina Grown will showcase some of the area’s finest local music. Hosted by Grant Golden, WKNC’s Local Music Director and founder of The Bottom String–a North Carolina music blog–Carolina Grown will bring in local musicians, label owners, journalists, community members and more. The goal of Carolina Grown is to shine light upon local artists and events that deserve recognition. North Carolina is a fantastic but crowded scene, thus some brilliant artists can get overlooked. Carolina Grown is here to bring these voices to the forefront by providing an outlet for these folks to share their message.

Be it art, music or any other variety of entertainment, we’re here for you. That means you as a listener, as an artist, as a promoter, as a venue owner or as a community member. Carolina Grown is here to serve as a soapbox for those with a message and as a reliable outlet for those interested in immersing themselves in their local community. WKNC has always been an integral part of the local scene and we’re always looking to give back to the community. We want you to be able to trust our voice, to see our stamp of approval and know that you’re about to hear something unique, sincere and most of all good.

Be it indie rock, folk, hip-hop, jazz or bluegrass, there’s always bound to be a music-maker catering to your tastes. It’s just a matter of finding them! But thankfully we’re here to do that for you. So tune into WKNC every Friday from 5-7 to soak in the sounds of your area’s finest musicians.