Concert Review

Show Review: Washed Out

For a band who helped define a genre referred to as “chillwave”, Washed Out brought a lot of energy to their live set last night at Cat’s Cradle. The stage was set in cheesy but endearing floral decor that, in combination with the band’s dreamy tunes, created a nice halcyon effect inside the window-less venue.

Although the group relies heavily on electronic effects in recording, their sound transferred seamlessly to a live show, thanks in part to a great stage presence by Ernest Greene. The set included a nice mix of songs from both full-length albums and even a performance of “Despicable Dogs”, the band’s remix of a Small Black single. Even the most awkward of hipsters felt a tugging at their hips as the group jammed through their indie hits, eventually ending the night with “Eyes Be Closed.” Any show that can make people lose themselves to groove on a Monday night deserves some recognition, and these guys killed it.

Set List:
It All Feels Right
New Theory
Get Up
Far Away
Despicable Dogs
All I Know
Don’t Give Up
Feel It All Around
Amor Fati

Hold Out
Eyes Be Closed