Festival Coverage

Hopscotch Day Party Highlight: ORIENTATION IN SPACE IV

On Thursday, September 5th, the first day of Hopscotch, Raleigh’s Diggup Tapes, Asheville’s Apothecary, and Greensboro’s Bitheart Studios are taking over King’s and Neptune’s for a blowout featuring acts pulled from all corners of North Carolina. The schedule is as follows:



Moss of Aura (4:30 pm)

Oulipo (3:30 pm)

The Bronzed Chorus (2:30 pm)

Zack Mexico (1:00 pm)


Neptune’s Parlor:

Casual Curious (6:00 pm)

Savage Knights (5:00 pm)

Alligator Indian (4:00 pm)

Heralding (3:00 pm)


The event is free thanks to Lone Rider Beer, whose locally-crafted microbrews will be on tap, and Nice Price Books. For more information, you can check out the event page here.