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Hopscotch Must-Sees: Purling Hiss

This is a personal artist spotlight on Purling Hiss by Toast for Hopscotch.

The Philadelphia-based troupe made themselves known opening for the likes of Kurt Vile, Woods, and Wilco, but their hard-hitting approach to psych-rock has earned them outsider status in the world of swamp and churn. They screech, they grind, and they muck in the grit of noisy crescendos and dense sound. This crew is not completely devoid of approachability, as through the years the band has released several tracks which could tip a hat to three-chord 90s classic rock, even pop.

The latest album from Purling Hiss, On Water On Mars, gives a good dose of both sides of the band’s repertoire, a little something for every swimmer in the psychedelic ocean of sound. Their ability to maintain this polar attitude is what makes the band really enjoyable and unique. The album engulfs you in its lo-fi murk, gives you a good dose of the blues then puts you back up on a wave of shiny solo riffs, which happens to be exactly the right formula for a killer live show. Look forward to total immersion and a blisteringly rad ride.

Favorite Track: “Lolita” on On Water on Mars
CAM Contemporary Art Museum, Thursday Sept. 5, 11:30PM